"After being a student of Marissa for over 5 years, I have not only become a better gymnast but a better person too. After practice with Marissa, you feel good about yourself and proud of what you have done. Marissa has a special way of encouraging and motivating me with all of my goals."

- Brittany Meola, 14 years old

Marissa's Passion

Her passion is to introduce fitness and the sport of gymnastics to children of all ages and allow them to gain self esteem and self-confidence. Recognizing childhood obesity as a problem in our society, Marissa aims to pass on healthy lifestyle habits and become a model of fitness and nutrition for youth. She wants her students to take lessons and skills learned in the gym to benefit them in all aspects of life. Kid Relentless is her opportunity to make a difference in lives of children and families through the promotion of fitness and nutrition.

Marissa Pellegrino at Kid Relentless

Marissa's Story

Marissa has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for 25 years. She began taking classes when she was 2 years old in a recreational program and worked her way onto the team to become competitive in the sport at the age of 5. She was a competitive gymnast for the next 13 years, competing both nationally and internationally. One of her greatest accomplishments was winning vault at the Pennsylvania State, Regional, and National Championships in 1998.

Once in college, she retired from the sport and began to instruct. Marissa has had the experience of working with numerous ages and cultures. She has worked with children ages 18 months to 18 years old. She has worked with competitive teams, both boys and girls, trampoline teams, rhythmic gymnasts, cheerleaders, and recreational classes. She has privately trained athletes from skiing, martial arts, track, and dance backgrounds as the instruction of gymnastics is beneficial for competitors of all sports.

Marissa is a Licensed Social Worker who has worked with diverse populations in the city of Philadelphia. Working in the field of Social Work, she recognized a lack of focus on nutritional and physical education. She did not believe in treating mental health alone, she sought out to connect the mind and body to improve overall health and wellness.

Marissa with Kids

In Marissa's own journey of fitness and nutrition she adapted to a Paleo lifestyle. Seeing amazing results in both mind and body, she knew this was the way of life she wanted to promote to her clients. Eliminating grains, dairy, processed foods and sugar from her diet literally changed her life. One of Marissa's most obvious benefits from eating Paleo has been the condition of her skin. Suffering from acne for over 15 years, she was on and off medications that never worked and left her feeling worse. Once the diet changed, her skin improved 100%.. It's a holistic approach Marissa brings to the table, improving your fitness, nutrition, and outlook on life. Taking all those principals into account, she created the Relentless Family Lifestyle Program to help remedying the childhood obesity epidemic.

Beginning with physical education and a focus on movement and nutrition, Marissa looks forward to nurturing the mind through the body. She longs to see kids stand tall, proud of themselves, strong — both inside and out. Marissa wants to help build up her students so they may reach their full potential. She believes that everyone has the ability to be great, and with the right support they will thrive in all areas of life. Kid Relentless was created to reach this vision.

It's not just fun, it's good for you!

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Marissa has been an amazing teacher as well as a friend. She has taught me most of what I know and she excels at teaching. There isn’t a doubt in my mind I wouldn’t be where I am now without her.

- Mark Poletti, Wushu practitioner and professional stunt double

Miss Marissa has provided the foundation upon which my daughter’s physical development has been built. She is a superbly trained athlete and phenomenal gymnast. Miss Marissa possesses the ability to analyze her students and develop a teaching plan to individually address the students’ strengths and weaknesses. She focuses greatly on technique and safety and has an excellent rapport with her students.

I have personally seen Miss Marissa transform even the most challenging of children into excellent students with an interest in learning. She is insistent upon ensuring that each child receives the best training and support that she is able to provide. I would not hesitate to recommend Miss Marissa to any parent who is looking for the best gymnastics instructor for their child.

Rebecca E. Adeleke, R.N. Parent of Layla, 3 years old

Competing and coaching in the sport for over 40 years I think I can recognize a good gymnastics teacher. Marissa is one of the best I have ever worked with. She has enthusiasm and patience with the children and is a great communicator with the parents.

Don Furrer - Program Director, KMC Dance & Gymnastics Inc.